Photography by Nikhil Roshan

The leader is Arvind Kejriwal, born in 1968, a brilliant speaker, a vegetarian and a long-time practiser of Vipassana meditation, part of the anti-corruption movement led by Anna Hazare. Kejriwal, who is nicknamed the ‘Indian Beppe Grillo’ by the Italian media, resigned from his post as Chief Minister in the capital, Delhi, after only 49 days, when he realised that his party didn’t have the strength to pass an anti-corruption decree on which he had based his election campaign.
According to the opinion polls, Kejriwal, who wants to send all the corrupt politicians and bureaucrats home and clean up the public administration machine, has no hope of winning but has a very good chance of winning a large number of votes away from Narendra Modi. Especially in Varansi, where they are both running.

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