A collection by Avani Tanya

Narendra Modi, BJP’s (Bhartiya Janata Party) leader, wins the majority of the Lok Sabha.

Regardless of the results, the 2014 elections will be remembered as Narendra Modi’s elections. His growing popularity has been unprecedented in Indian political history. Modi’s media-savvy campaign has been extremely successful in reaching out to the nation, especially the 100 million first time voters, many of whom are regular Internet users. Armed with an unimaginably large advertising budget, in the last few months, Modi has been seen everywhere - on TV, on social networking sites, on billboards, in newspapers, on radio and more importantly his name has found mention in all conversations around the country.

Love him or hate him, he seems to have captured the imagination of the entire nation. His fans and detractors alike have taken to the world of Internet to express themselves. One can see a vast amount of digital data on the Internet including videos, memes and photoshopped pictures.

Here are some of the things that have contributed in creating Modi’s Internet persona over the last few months.

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